Who Can Benefit from a Child Custody Attorney?

A child custody case is often one of the most emotional parts of any divorce or legal separation, especially when there are high levels of animosity between the spouses. Custody issues influence where the children live, how they are raised and what decisions they can make for themselves. A good Chicago Child Custody Lawyer can help ensure that the children’s best interests are put first in all arrangements made by the court.

Allocation Judgements, previously known as custody and visitation, determine who will be making significant decisions for a child and the parenting schedule. Illinois law recognizes that it is inherently in a child’s best interests to have an ongoing relationship with both parents. However, if this is not possible, either parent may be awarded sole custody or the child may be placed with a third party.

Our experienced family lawyers work hard to help couples reach their own agreements regarding decision making and parenting time. They are also skilled negotiators and can represent clients in trial when necessary to protect their rights.

Petrelli Law is a family law firm located in Chicago, IL. Its attorneys handle a wide range of complex family law matters, including divorces and separations, child custody disputes, property division, parental responsibility agreements and alimony payments. The firm also handles domestic violence and protection orders, as well as adoptions and private placements.

The Conniff Law Offices is a Chicago-based law firm that offers legal representation and individualized guidance to divorcing parents. Its attorneys help them resolve child custody and support matters and request modifications of child support orders beyond the payor’s capacity to pay. The firm’s managing partner is Lyn C. Conniff, who has been practicing family law for 29 years.

Kiswani Law provides legal services to individuals and families in Chicago. Its attorneys assist them in resolving a variety of child support matters, such as imputed income, child expenses and custody and visitation. The firm also handles issues related to spousal support, marital debt and asset distribution, and protection orders relating to domestic violence.

The Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group is a family-oriented law firm that serves clients in Chicago and surrounding areas. Its attorneys are highly-qualified and experienced in various aspects of family law, including domestic violence, custody, divorce, child support and spousal support. They are members of multiple professional organizations, including the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. They are available to provide free consultations. They are also fluent in Arabic and Spanish. The firm is a Lead Counsel rated firm. This designation is granted by an independent evaluation service that certifies attorneys as having reached the highest levels of professionalism and ethical standards. Attorneys who earn this distinction must pass a rigorous review, meet stringent requirements and demonstrate continuing excellence in the field of family law. To become a Lead Counsel rated family law firm, a lawyer must pass an annual review and must be in good standing with the state bar association.

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